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Kickstart Challenge 2022 with Melissa

Take control in 2022! f you're ready to kickstart your health and fitness journey, or you're simply looking to step up your fitness, taking part in the Kickstart Challenge is a great way to start the year strong and hit your health and fitness goals.

I have the tools ready and waiting for you whether you're just starting out or looking to push yourself, prefer working out at home or in the gym, there's a choice for everyone! My 21-day challenge is for women everywhere, of all fitness levels. How? There are options available if you want to train at home OR in the gym, with minimal equipment (dumbbells and bands) or if you prefer to follow workouts that use more equipment (barbell, dumbbells, bands)!

3 different choices:

Beginner at Home Low Impact (30 minutes)

Intermediate Challenge Me at Home (30-40 minutes)

Advance Challenge Me (35-45 minutes)

The 21-day Kickstart Challenge is an opportunity to start training at home, in the gym or take your fitness to another level while working out alongside the most supportive female fitness community in the world.

I want everyone to be able to hit their goals with the Kickstart Challenge. "Beginner" is perfect if you're at the beginning of your fitness journey, require or prefer low impact exercises (still high energy!), or recently returning to training. If want a mix between high impact and low impact exercises, are looking to push yourself outside your comfort zone, but want to do the spicy challenging workouts with minimal equipment, I would recommend level 2 (intermediate). And if you want to continue to train hard in the gym and want a mix between high impact and low impact exercises incorporating a barbell, I would recommend level 3 (advance). Workouts range from 30-45 minutes.


  • 3 weeks starting January 10

  • 4 workouts each week

    • Arms and Abs

    • Legs and Glutes

    • Full Body Strength

    • Core and Cardio Conditioning

  • Make sure you’ve turned on push notifications to get scheduled reminders and motivation throughout the challenge.

  • Option to add additional yoga or barre classes to your challenge!


  • What type of training does your challenge offer? My challenge offers a my signature training style of functional and traditional strength training methods paired with cardiovascular conditioning and sport specific drills tailored to each level.

  • What will I get from your challenge? You’ll build muscle, improve your strength, endurance and movement patterns and most importantly start 2022 feeling more confident, focused and committed than ever!

Week 1 - Level Up

In week 1, you’ll progress through fundamental and foundational exercises to help build longterm success and results. Week 2 - Focus

You'll be introduced to more dynamic and complex movements as your strength, stamina and coordination improve. Week 3 - Finish Line

Week 3 is where we put it all together and bring it home improving our total body fitness, feeling more confident, powerful and committed than ever!

Every workout has 4 phases: activation, triset and supersets, finisher, cool down tailored to the level you chose. You will stay engaged and motivated with a mixture of styles to keep your workouts functional, fun and effective while maximizing your strength and endurance efforts.

This is YOUR opportunity to train with women from all over the world as I put in place the fitness habits and workouts that will carry us into the new year more fierce, powerful and more committed than ever!

Xo, Melissa

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