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Last Final Long Runs Before Your Race

If you've entered a spring half-marathon or full marathon and are nearing your final long runs, here are a few tips to apply to your training.

Approaching your last, sometimes longest distance runs during your training cycle, your body can feel tired and that is okay - you're nearly there! Make sure you are getting ample sleep before your runs and are properly fueling yourself, keeping water intake and electrolyte intake high to avoid getting sick. Endurance training can take a toll on the body, so it's super important to fuel properly and supplement where needed. Stick to the plan, manifest that finish line!

A good strategy moving into your long run is to mimic race day as close as possible. Make note of what you eat the day before, the day of, and during your run... and plan out to do this for race day! Try to head out for your long run on the same start time as race start time in the same outfit you plan to wear on race day. Get your body and MIND ready. Even better if you live near the race location and can run a piece of the course! Unfortunately I have never been able to do this, but it has helped runners immensely. But if not, study the course in detail, see where the mile markers are, the water stations and where elevation may be.

Running distance is not only a test of physical endurance, but a test of mental endurance. You truly can do anything you set your mind to, it just takes time and effort. Let’s face it, life is not easy, there are constant ups and downs, days where you just want to give up, and days where you are at a complete high. Running is a complete parallel to this. Having the mental strength to push through the last couple miles, really shows you just how strong you are, mind and body.

Your race, your pace.

Xox, Melissa

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