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Weight Loss Myths

Weight loss MYTHS. If you are trying to lose weight, you've probably gotten tips from family, friends, and colleagues. Though they mean well, sometimes their weight loss advice is based on misguided articles or wrong assumptions.

Common myths:

1. I must exercise to lose weight.

Exercise is important for health, after all I am a personal trainer. Exercise is beneficial in weight maintenance. However, you can lose weight without any exercise at all! If you had to chose between exercise or dietary change as a means to lose weight, reconfiguring your food intake is by far the more impactful change you can make. However, to continue to progress, exercise is essential, and especially as we age.

2. Carbs are fattening

Refined, processed carbs such as pastries won't help you lose weight. However, fruits and vegetables are carbs and they are extremely healthy and filling. You won't gain weight eating grapes or an apple. Also, if buying packaged foods look for MINIMAL and WHOLE food ingredients.

3. Low-fat and diet foods are a great way to lose weight

Let’s face it, people are ALWAYS trying to become “healthier,” lose weight. The food industry knows this and therefore knows what sells. People want to buy diet versions of their favorite foods and drinks. Unfortunately, many of these diet foods are highly processed and end up being worse for you than the original. Or cause all sorts of GI issues, brain fog. So stick to whole foods, whole ingredients, fat does not make you fat!

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