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10 Thoughts We've All Had During Our Workout

Determination and motivation is key to following a healthy lifestyle plan. However, some days are just better than others; that's a given. Some days you look forward to your workout while other days you can't wait until it's over. If you find the will to sweat it out is lacking, remember your not alone and other MK babes have been there as well! Brush it off and be ready to commit and crush it tomorrow. I put together this fun list of thoughts we have all had during these times and during our workouts!


"These tights are totally not see through when I bend and move, right??!!" *dying a bit inside*

"Seriously, is it normal to sweat this much??!" *dripping in sweat while other girls look like they are headed to the club*

"5 more minutes!!!" *could not be happier its almost over*

"I so need a good foam roll and stretch... I even deserve a bath"

"This song is SO MY JAM!!"

"This shirt was a bad choice"

Plotting ways to make your personal trainers life more miserable, because they are doing that to you during this workout.

Replaying all the questionable things you may have eaten this week.

When you start that one exercises you hate and immediately regret it.

"Why is everyone standing around a machine I need laughing, talking about their day... not even using it, get out my way!" *but just stares then walks away begrudgingly*

Just because we take our health and fitness seriously doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the occasional laugh when it comes to workout habits. I hope these made you smile and laugh today!

Xoxo, Melissa

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