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How to Stay Motivated?

How do I stay motivated? This is a question I’m truly asked all the time.

I think self motivation is a real life struggle for many people! Let me start by confessing that I am not motivated every second of every day, because believe it or not, I am human too! However, it comes down to determination, daily habits, goals and positive self talk that truly aids in motivation. That being said, I have found a few things that always seem to get me back on track and excited to keep crushing my goals.

Fitness motivation tips and tricks:

1. Switch things up. If you’ve been going to the same gym, doing the same routine, attending the same class for a long time now and your heart is not set in it, then you’re probably just getting bored. I have found that once I start to lose motivation in the gym, I need to try something new, challenge myself to do something different, or add progressive overload. Don't be afraid to challenge your mind, challenge your muscles, challenge your body and push the limits (in the proper way) to see how you respond and excel. You could try a Zumba or a Pilates class, start lifting heavier weights, trying cycling, or pick up running, hiking... the lists goes on. There are so many different ways to stay in shape, so don’t be stuck on one specific thing! It's all about getting your movement on and feeling good in your skin! It is shame to have to be placed in a bubble today, or to be shamed for any type of fitness that you may enjoy. So find what you love and stick with it!

2. Look good, feel good. Buy some new workout gear or grab a new pair of training kicks. I have found that when I buy a new pair of exercise leggings or running shoes, I feel like a million bucks and want to show them off; which in turn gets me moving more! So treat yourself to a new top or exercise equipment that you've been eyeing up, and be proud to show it off during your fitness journey! You deserve that.

3. Find an accountability buddy, or two. Grab your girlfriend, grab your husband, your boyfriend, your mom... and be each other’s accountability partner! If each of you has a goal, go for that goal together. Chat about, check in about it, be proud of one another and help each other keep moving toward the goal. Chances are if you make a promise to meet at the gym at 5 pm, or set a specific time to do an online fitness class, you will be less likely to skip it because your BFF is counting on you to be there. If you don’t have anyone close to you to help keep you on track, find an online fitness account on Instagram and be as interactive as possible! (hint hint @mkfitnes - I got you!)

4. Sign Up for a competitive event or race. If you pay an entry fee and put it on your calendar, you can’t back out - you are now dedicated. So tell your friends, your spouse, your family members and the random people at the stores. Heck, even try to get others to join you in the fitness event. Some ideas: sign up for a 5k, a half marathon, a tough mudde or organize a fitness challenge with your friends. It’s hard to stay motivated if you don’t have a goal. So set a goal, or two. Including short term goals and long term goals. Goals will help create health daily habits. Even if it’s not a monetary challenge, make it some kind of challenge for yourself. When you have goals, you become determined. Try challenging yourself to do a total of 10 push-ups in 6 weeks, or run 3 miles in under 30 minutes. Whatever you decide to do, remember to set a deadline for your planned achievement.

At the end of the day it comes down to how bad you want it. It will be hard and you may have to reprioritize a few things in your life, but I can promise you it will be worth it!

What are you willing to do or to sacrifice to achieve your goals?

Xoxo, MK

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