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Sweat + a Workout

Is sweating necessarily a sign of a good workout?

How do you judge a good workout? Drenched and exhausted? It is a great question, keep reading to find out!

Why do we sweat? You probably already know that sweat is released when your body is trying to cool itself down, it is called thermal sweating. When you’re working out, your core temperature rises and your body responds by controlling your internal temperature, so your brain signals for your thermoregulatory response to start. That’s when you begin to perspire. How much you sweat can be determined by many variables such as age, genes, gender, metabolic rate, the clothing you are wearing and the current temperature you are in.

Does sweating mean you’ve done a good workout? FIRST, any workout you do is good! Getting your movement up is always a positive. The type of workout you’re doing can influence how much you’re sweating. For example, walking outside on a hot day may cause you to sweat more than if you did a resistance session in an air conditioned gym. And not all training styles leave you drenched in sweat either, but that does not mean any one is better than the other. by any means. You are still strengthening you body. Plus some people naturally sweat more than others, even though they may have worked at the same rate.

What are some other signs of a good workout? How are you feeling after a workout? Usually, you’ll know if you smashed your workout because you’ll feel it in your body, in your muscles. Other signs are an increased heart rate, being out of breath during your workout, muscle fatigue (the last few reps should be extra tough), and feeling slightly hungry right after a workout (your body can be craving fuel).

So whether you sweat during all of your workouts, only in some or barely at all - that does not mean you aren’t working hard. A consistent routine and a workout plan that grows with you will ensure you are on your way to becoming stronger and healthier.

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