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Spring Clean Your Diet

The warm weather may motivate you to exercise and pursue physical activity outdoors and it’s the perfect opportunity to explore seasonal fruits and vegetables, farmers markets and adopt new healthy habits, especially when it comes to your diet. Get ready to clean up your eating patterns and make positive lasting changes with these simple and practical tips.

Drink more water. Even though we should be drinking water all the time, many of us may fall short of meeting our daily hydration needs. Water is crucial for all bodily functions. Drinking water, instead of sugary drinks, can lower your caloric intake, and can also keep cravings in check.

Swap in fresh produce. Warm weather accompanies the harvest of new and fresh fruits and vegetables. Stock up on fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables and fill your plate with them first.

Make gradual changes. Instead of making many diet changes all at once, make one or two diet modifications at a time will be easier to stick to as the season progresses. You can try adding an extra day of exercise or eating two or more servings of vegetables per day.

Watch portion sizes. It’s easy to let serving sizes creep up during the winter months. Make spring a time to cut back to healthier portions. Tip: Use smaller plates and serve dinner from the stove rather than on the table and track food intake.

Cook more at home. Skip dining out and save on calories, sodium and money. Use fresh ingredients and boost flavor with herbs and spices rather than salt. An added bonus, you'll most likely serve up smaller portions, too.

Xoxo, MK

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