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Travel Food Hack

When traveling to exotic places I like to stay on top of my gut game. Happy belly = happy times 🙈 who’s with me?! While away the past few weeks, every morning I would start with fresh cut papaya pieces, or fresh chilled papaya blended in a mixer - straight up! [no additives] It is deliciously sweet with musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency. What could be better? Well, the nutritional benefits! WHY Papaya?! Benefits ↴ ↴ ↴ Papayas contain various amino acids and enzymes, including papain, that has an anti-inflammatory effect on the stomach, helps promote digestion (we all need the help we can get while traveling!), discourages acid reflux, and relieves symptoms of IBS, as well as, aids in immune system function. Not to mention is packed with vitamins and minerals such as C, A and B, as well as, fiber and potassium. Need I say more? They totally pack a punch 👊🏽 I even got my hubby on the papaya bandwagon while away!

Bon appetittt!

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