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Health Mantras to Success

Health mantras! That are simple, straight forward and timeless.

Mantra #1: If it’s not sustainable, it’s not attainable!

If your plan is not sustainable, your goal is not attainable! Let’s face it, if you stick with any nutrition and exercise plan, you can lose weight and reach your goal. But the question is, will you actually be able to stick with the plan long enough to even reach your goal? And if you do reach your goal, is the plan something you can follow for the rest of your life? If the answer to either of these is “No,” then it’s time for you to re-evaluate your transformation plan, and find one that you can stick with in the long run.

Mantra #2: Slow and steady wins the race.

While speedy weight loss and immediate results are what we have come to expect in this fast-paced world, the fact of the matter is that “quick and speedy” more often than not lead to yo-yo dieting. It'll be the lose and gain battle, lose weight, gain weight, etc. In order to break that pattern and create lasting results, you must adopt the “slow and steady wins the race” mentality. Destination is life!

Mantra #3: Less is MORE.

Adopt ONE small change at a time instead of thinking you need to take on the mountain of commitments to lose the weight. Research has proven that when we focus on one lifestyle change at a time, we are more likely to keep it. Once we take on more at a time, our success rate drops to less! That’s reason enough to keep our commitments to ourselves small and gradual.

Here are some great examples of first steps:

  • Remove soda from lunch and/or dinner

  • Drink more water, lots more

  • Set aside 15 minutes to take a brisk walk

  • Add more vegetables, 2 more servings preferably

  • If getting micro-nutrients is tough, consider a high quality vitamin

By choosing just one of these, or another one that hits home for you,and learning to make it part of your lifestyle, you will be well on your way to achieving the lifelong transformation you’re wanting!

Xoxo, MK

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