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Where's the Weight Drop

“I’m eating healthy, why won’t the pounds come off!”

Despite a healthier diet, how can this be true? There are several reasons.

Even healthy foods have calories, and those calories add up if eaten in excess. Nuts, avocados, and olive oil are wonderful foods with beneficial and wonderful fats and nutrients. However, they are also high in calories. If portion control is not applied or understood properly, then you could be at 600+ calories for just a snack. On the contrary, many healthy vegetables are so low in calories that you can double or triple your serving if you are craving something extra to eat. In any case, journaling your intake can help you see the overall picture.

Most caloric beverages are a fast way to add calories without feeling satisfied. The result is… weight gain. Soda, please ditch it immediately. But then there is orange juice. If you not careful the cals can add up.

Exercise is a great way to improve one's health, but time and time again I have seen people compensate for their workout with excessive caloric intake as a reward. Make sure the calories you are consuming actually match the calories earned in the gym.

Eating out is another recipe for weight gain, even if you are dining in a so-called healthy restaurant. Portions are typically larger and the food tends to include more sugar and sodium than you would use. Clearly the obvious solution here is to eat more home cooked meals.

Xoxo, MK

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