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Food is Fuel

Many people trying to "get healthy" "lose weight" often feel that they are restricting themselves from the foods they love. Therefore, they will put up with that for a short amount of time, or until they reach there goal. This makes for an unhealthy relationship with actually getting healthy. It becomes "yo-yo" dieting, they will go back and forth from healthy to unhealthy, and it does not become a lifestyle.

We've often read about the longer, slower path to weight loss, which allows an individual to transition at a comfortable pace to a new lifestyle of healthy eating. An important part of this strategy is to shift the focus from what foods you can no longer eat regularly, to the foods and dishes that can be incorporated on a daily basis. Instead of dwelling on the candy you no longer get to eat everyday as your 3pm pick-me-up, or that big bowl of ice-cream before bed, think about the fresh berries, those roasted pecans, and the other goodies that you want to enjoy. Need a pre bedtime treat? What about a small roasted banana with unsweetened coconut flakes and cinnamon? Sounds delicious? Try it out! Or try making your own version of "nice-cream," make getting healthy, fun! Instead of agonizing on giving up pizza takeaways, focus on the tasty dishes you are learning to prepare at home, with fresh wholesome ingredients.

Make it a lifestyle, make it a choice. Food is fuel.

Xoxo, MK

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