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How to Stick to an Exercise Plan

You're feeling good, you've started an exercise routine, but worry, will I stick to it?

Here are a few ways to help you stick to your exercise plan!

1. Set a scheduled time to workout, then, set a back-up time, just incase! That way, you know and others know, you have a dedicated time to yourself AND you have a back-up time just incase something comes up.

2. Start the day with your workout. If you can, workout early in the day, that way it is done and completed and the rest of the day is ahead of you. Not to mention, it will boost your energy and give you endorphins to go into your day strong!

3. Hire a personal trainer or coach. Having a personal trainer keeps you accountable. They will also continue to challenge you and push you to your limits, and will provide you with a great plan to get you to your goals. Not to mention provide you with great advice, along with tips and proper technique.

4. Celebrate the small stuff. Did an extra rep? Lost 2 pounds? Feel good today? Then heck yes! Celebrate it. Small improvements turn into large ones. Celebrate the journey.

5. Make it enjoyable. If your workouts are not enjoyable, turns out you may stop doing them. Do something you love. Turn up the jams, incorporate moves you love, and stay motivated!

Xoxo, MK

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