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Raw Coco Cashew Bars

Stop right here!

These homemade, NO bake, raw coconut chew bars are to die for!

- raw soaked cashews

- unsweetened coconut, shredded

- pitted dates

- chunky almond butter

- dash of chia seeds

- dash of vanilla

- sea salt to taste

PS: I added Further Food collagen into the mix for added gut health, skin care and protein! (MKFITNESS10 for discount if you want to try!!)

Mix and blend all ingredients together, pat 1/2 inch layer into pan. Let it sit and cool in fridge, then cut and enjoy. Fridge and/or freeze.

These are some serious ooey, gooey bars of a yummy mess! Enjoy them preworkout, postworkout, or just as a snack! Ya'll know I am a pro-snacker! And these are the bomb to fuel the bod!

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