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Staying Fit While Vacationing

Confession time. While on vacation, we all give in to a little indulgence, okay, maybe a lot. So how can we stay fit, but still enjoy ourselves while vacationing?

Their are a few key points: early in the week, early in the morning. Once you are all checked in to your hotel, figure out where the fitness zones are (hence, early in the week). Also, figure out safe and enjoyable walking spots. When you do this, you will more likely get in to a routine right away. Then, first thing in the morning, once you get up, go for that walk or take 15-30 minutes and get to the fitness center. When you do that, you are getting your fitness on right away and can fully enjoy the rest of the day thereafter! And remember, you are on vacation, so you don’t have to spend hours in the gym or go daily, but just get your body moving so you don’t break your good habits.

Happy vacationing!

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