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Spring Clean Your Workout Routine

It's always a beautiful day to move your body! Spring is the season of fresh air and new beginnings. After a cold winter spent hibernating, the start of spring can be a great time to charge up your daily exercise routine. Here are some tips to help you make exercise a healthy habit by summer.

Enjoy what you do. Rather than dreading your workout, give yourself something to look forward to. Try different forms of exercise then choose the types of exercise that you actually like. The change of season brings new opportunities for enjoyable outdoor activity and movement. Walking, running, swimming and cycling are inexpensive ways to make the most of longer and warmer days. Or just brining your mat and equipment outside and doing your workout routine under the sun!

Plan your workouts. Pull out your calendar at the beginning of each week (Sunday is when I think about the week ahead) and decide when you’ll exercise. Make exercise “appointments” with yourself during these times and write them down as a reminder. Just as you wouldn’t skip a happy hour with your friends, make your fitness a priority by sticking to scheduled exercise appointments.

Gather your gear. Ask yourself a few questions - do I have everything I need to exercise? Does it all fit properly? If you need new gear invest in quality pieces that you feel comfortable wearing – sometimes there’s nothing like a new outfit to inspire a new workout. Make a check list: sneakers, workout pants, sports bras, tank tops, workout tops, socks, hair ties, etc.

Set the stage for success. Prepare everything you need for the next day’s workout the night before. If you’re going to get up and go for a run first thing in the morning, a pair of sneakers next to your bed or door will be a friendly reminder when you wake up. If you’re going planning an after work workout, make sure you pack your gym bag with all the necessities you will need. Preparing ahead of time lays the path for success, and being organized will allow for a stress free workout and leave less room for excuses.

Get moving. Any movement is better than no movement. With the planning and persistence of your workout spring cleaning, start moving and make it a routine. Be inspired by the fact that you are creating healthy habits that will last well beyond the summer swimsuit season. And never be afraid to change up your routine.

Xoxo, MK

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