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Love Your Shape

Truths out – most of us can pick apart our bodies and shape. And it’s that negativity that will bring us down and throw us off track. So say these words, and say them out loud: I love MY shape because… [then fill in the blank]. Take a few minutes and think about, because we all have something to be proud of and you need your positivity to start flowing. If you love your legs, flaunt them. If you love your arms, show them off.

Of course, loving your shape doesn’t negate the need to have body goals. These body goals keep us focused and excited about staying fit and healthy. Goals do not mean that we don’t love our shape, it just means we are motivated and focused. So accentuate what your love about your shape and be motivated to live a fit and healthy life. You are worth it.

Xoxo, MK

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