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Make Health Your Habit

Being healthy is much more dependent on our habits and nutrition rather than the latest fad diets. Many people often mistake ‘getting healthy’ with a quick diet or by starving their bodies of what it really needs. But in actuality we need to make being healthy a habit and our lifestyle.

If you are trying to make healthy lifestyle changes and want them to stick, start small. Change small eating habits, or small exercising habits, and as I’ve talked about before – set realistic, attainable goals. The temptation to “go all in” is understandable, but sometimes it can feel oppressive, so start small. Building slowly over time will help you create a new lifestyle, in a relatively painless way, that you will be able to stick with.

Here are some healthy habits to live by:

  • Drink water, and drink lots of it! Drink water in the morning, drink it before meals, drink drink drink.

  • Get active. Even if you only dedicate 10 minutes a day to walking, biking, jumping jacks, whatever you pick – just start moving and be just a little bit more active.

  • Add in more fruits and veggies to just one meal or snack. Be creative. Change your taste buds to love what the earth creates! And I’m not joking, the more you eat them, the more you will enjoy and crave them.

  • Set small goals and have fun completing them. Whether it’s doing 5 extra sit-ups, perfecting a burpee, eating one healthy meal, or jogging to the end of the street, complete a fun task and feel accomplished.

So accept that you are capable of doing amazing things and you’ll find all the motivation you need to make a few other positive changes as time goes on. Then one day you’ll realize you actually have gone all in, and you didn’t even notice!

Be healthy, be happy!

Xoxo, MK

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