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Push Through Hump Day

It’s not everyday that you wake up and say “I really feel like going for a run right now” or “let’s go to the the gym!” Of course not, we’re human. But, we can agree that it’s pretty much always the case that after we go for that run, or after we hit the gym, we feel 10x better and are 10x more motivated. I’m writing this to let you know your notalone.

Yesterday, my husband was in a little “mood slump” where he said he just felt like going home after work and curling up on the couch. Now theirs nothing wrong with that, but I could tell he was having a stressful day and needed an outlet, specifically a workout outlet. So all day I sent him encouraging texts and reminded him that a good run would clear his mind and give him the motivation he was looking for. Low in behold, he got home, put on his sneakers and started to run. 30 minutes later, his mood was lifted and he accomplished what he wanted.

Moral of the story: push through that slump and don’t let a depressed mood hold you back, because you’re one workout away from a good mood! You can do it!

Simple truths about exercise:

  • It makes you stronger

  • It makes you happier

  • It energizes you

  • It eases anxiety

  • Boosts your confidence

  • Helps you feel less stressed out​

Xoxo, MK

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