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Monday [run] Motivation

Running is addicting. Hence the term, "runners high." It has become my outlet; and not only is it good for the body, but it is good for the mind and soul.

Are you a beginnnner runner? Don’t focus on the end goal, instead, focus on the process. The idea that focusing on the process means focusing on the steps you need to take to continue to improve and make progress. If you focus too much on the “end goal” you may get consumed by it and give up. Baby steps is key. Try setting small progress goals. The good thing about setting multiple small goals, is that when you continue to achieve them, it will revive your energy into accomplishing the next, and the next.

Tell the world about your commitment. Inform all your friends and family about your new fitness goals, especially with running. Be enthusiastic and convince them to check in with you from time to time about how your are doing with it. Nobody wants to look like a failure, so the more people you tell, the more it will be hard for you to give up.

Log your progress. Their are plenty of apps out there to log your progress. One run app that I love is Runkeeper. You can log your distance, time and how you felt during your run. Not only that, but while running and using this app you can visibly see how fast you are going and far you have gone. You can really push yourself.

Not every moment of training will be full of rainbows and daisies, but any objective you set should move you forward.

What are you waiting for? Run slow. Run fast. Run soft. Run hard. Just run.

Xoxo, MK

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