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Overcome A Fitness Setback

If you’ve been on your fitness journey for some time, it’s likely you have experienced an obstacle to your training in one way, shape or form. It's life, it's normal and happens. But a setback does not need to derail your fitness. Think of a setback as a time to grow, build mental toughness and to learn about your mind and body.

A setback can be anything from a change in your schedule, to an injury or illness, lost motivation and more.

Overcome your "setback." Fitness isn’t always easy, but you can make the choice to show up and do your best every day. I've said it time and again, it's not about being perfect, it's about remaining consistent. We modify and adjust, but we keep remaining as consistent as possible because our mental and physical health is worth it. Everyone faces challenges and setbacks, but you can become a stronger person when you maintain a positive outlook and overcome them. Below are a few tips:

Make a plan and get organized. Define your goal and make a plan to achieve it. Schedule your workouts and movement ahead of time. Make you health and fitness a priority. If you want something, you must put in the effort. Also, make sure your plan is realistic and break it down into smaller steps that are within your reach. Set your alarm early to squeeze in an early workout, pencil time into your schedule for your workout session (maybe on your lunch break!), or pack your gym bag the night before. No matter how you go about, get organized, plan and prepare ahead of time.

Redefine your WHY. Think back to why you started working out in the first place? If you can rediscover your “why" then your reason for wanting to exercise can reignite your inspiration. Maker sure it's internal and close to your heart.

We want to build routine with our movement and make it part of our lifestyle. We want a healthy mindset with exercise. Think "I GET to move" not "I HAVE to move." And remember, comparison is a thief of joy, so focus on YOU and just you alone. This is your journey, you are strong, you are capable, you are resilient and YOU can do it.

Xox, Melissa

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