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Commit Express: Your Functional Body Plan

If you love my Commit Programs, you will know doubt love the addition to my Commit Program family: Commit Express, a full body plan! To fit into YOUR schedule, for building muscle, athleticism, performance, minimalist workouts and time-conscious training.

With Commit, you can:

  • Build muscle from head to toe

  • Crush conditioning workouts without the burnout

  • Save time with 30 minute workouts

  • Enjoy multiple modes of fitness, pair with cross-training (running, cycling, swimming)

  • Overcome and prevent injuries with warmups, cool-downs and mobility routines

  • Make workouts fun again so you keep coming back for more!

Program Overview:

  • 3 full body days a week

  • Full body gym workouts (you will need access to basic gym equipment)

  • Traditional and functional strength training methods paired with cardio, sport specific drills, core and mobility work - strength, conditioning, core- yes!

  • Balanced movements so you don’t get injured from overuse

  • Progress thoughtfully so you adapt as you get stronger

  • These workouts will show you a range of creative applications that will open your mind to new ways of training – and get you better results!

"I have truly LOVE the programming of the Commit guides. I used to struggle working out and had been suffering from lack of motivation. But with Commit, I have been so consistent with these workouts, and I’m excited to see my strength and endurance coming back! I am evening seeing muscle definition!"

- Catherine

Commit Express is just 2-3 days a week so you can easily pair it with running or cross training multiple times a week, to reach your goals more efficiently! As a running coach I highly suggest strength training to compliment your running. You don't necessary have to get into 'hybrid training,' but rather train smarter and alternate your running, lifting and resting days for a happier body and mind!

Start your free trial today! Train with me using my Commit programs (home, gym, low impact and full body resistance training programs)!

Xo, Melissa

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