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What to do Post Workout

What you do post workout can help aid in your workout recovery, reduce injury, aid in your progress and you may notice results faster as well. These steps will help you to form good habits for now and the future.

Cool down. It’s easy to run straight from your workout off to the next thing on your planner. Resist the temptation and take a few minutes to cool down and breathe. A proper cool down lowers your heart rate and reduces the stress on your body!

Foam roll and stretch. Once you’ve done a cool down, it’s time to foam roll and stretch! Your post workout stretching routine should include static stretches, which means you hold one stretch for 30 seconds or more. This can help your nervous system and muscles to recover from the workout! Foam rolling and stretching can also work out any kinks that may have developed during your workout and decrease any soreness.

Drink some water. You knew this tip was going to be in here, didn’t you?! Of course! Water can help to regulate your body temperature, keep your organs and muscles working properly and it replaces some of the fluids lost through sweating! Your body needs fluids, so make sure you are drinking water throughout the day as well; and depending on what type of workout you engaged in, you may also need to replenish your body with the proper electrolytes.

Refuel. Your body needs feeding after a workout, whether that’s a post workout snack, shake or meal. If you don’t tend to feel hungry after a workout, try a light snack with a little protein to keep you going. What you eat may also depend on the time of day you are training, so don't feel as though you need to eat a big meal if it is too much. Listen to your body and refuel in a way that suits you.

Remember that your body has been under stress during your workouts, so a good post workout routine can help make recovery and progress easier!

Xoxo, MK

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