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Create Fitness Motivation That Lasts

Motivation gets you started, healthy habits will keep you going.

Motivation. Determination. What is motivation? Motivation may mean different things to different people, especially in the fitness industry. You may associate motivation with the excitement of starting a new fitness program, buying new gym gear or stocking your kitchen with nutrient dense foods. Motivation can help you kick-start your and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Week one, you smash your workouts, but then the weekend comes, you get busy, reality hits and your tired and want a day off. Whatever the reason may be, there is often a point where you may lose your workout motivation.

This is where healthy habits you set up when you were motivated need to kick in. This is where those healthy habits that you formed turned in to determination. Determination that no matter what your excuse may be, you still squeeze in and kick butt during your workout. Motivation is what gets your started, healthy habits are that keep you going!

There are many challenges and obstacles that you may face when started a new fitness regimen, but don't be that percentage that gives up, keep going!

That is why I stress created healthy habits that you can stick with, so that when the motivation is lacking,your habits keep you going.


1. Follow a plan

2. Make small changes at a time

3. Make yourself accountable

4. Be kind to yourself

Start slowly. Aim to establish and build a lifestyle that you can continue, that will be long-term and make you feel good. Enjoy the process and be kind to yourself!

Xoxo, MK

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