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Protein Packed Mugcake

My monday motivation goes to my protein packed mugcake. I try to be conscious of my snacks and deserts, and as often as I can, I try to make sure they are protein packed. Now this desert is 100% goodness and totally fresh, not to mention vegan! Now I am not always vegan, but I like to do "vegan days" or "dairy free" days.


  • 3/4 banana mashed

  • GF oats

  • Peanut butter protein powder

  • Fresh blueberries

  • Splash of baking powder

  • Little aqua

mix in bowl, set oven at 375 and bake OR just pop in a mug and pop in the microwave for quick, easy convenience.


  • Almond butter

  • The rest of the sliced banana

  • Crushed walnuts

  • Fresh raspberry sauce (just heat raspberries for 15-30 seconds in microwave or stovetop and mix, then pour on top)

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