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How to Incorporate More Fruits and Veggies

Most people want to eat more fruits and veggies, and most people have good intentions when they say they want to eat more of them. However, often times, fruits and veggies get pushed to the side. Therefore, they need to be convenient, reasonable and satisfying. The question is, how can you add more fruits and veggies into your day? Here are a few tips to incorporate them more into your meal planning.

  1. Find your favorite. Figure out your taste buds and which fruits and vegetable you like the best and stick to it! So have fun scanning through the produce aisle for your favorites; and don’t forget about the frozen veggie and frozen fruit aisles! That way your favorites can be found all year long.

  2. Sneak them into your diet. Add fruits and veggies to your meals and/or to your smoothies. If it’s tough for you to eat them separately, try sneaking them into your meal. For instance, you can add frozen cauliflower, spinach and frozen fruit to your smoothies, shredded carrots to your meatloaf, or squash to some sauces. Also, go beyond your horizons and try zucchini pasta!

  3. Easy access. Make your fruits and veggies easily accessible and easy to grab and go. Wash and cut your foods, section them out and store them in baggies in your fridge. That way, when you are making lunch or in a rush, it will be easier to grab the bag of sliced carrots, cut cucumbers, or loose grapes instead of reaching for a less healthy option.

  4. Be seasonal. Keep an eye out for what fruits and vegetables are seasonal. It will be lighter on your wallet and you will broaden your taste buds. If possible, keep a list of what is seasonal, not only will you find great deals but you will be able to find great new recipes!

  5. Make it fun. Scout out the local farms and produce stands. It can be fun for the whole family to go strawberry or apple picking, or going to a farmers market and picking out fresh picked vegetables.

Need more ideas to get all of your servings of fruits and vegetables? Contact me to help plan all your health goals.

Xoxo, MK

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