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Torch Summer Calories

How can we have some fun this summer while torching calories? It’s easier than you may think. Stick to these guidelines and you will be summer ready. Get on wheels, get walking, and get in the water.

Wheels – Get on wheels this summer! Bike riding, rollerblading, and/or skateboarding. As long as it has wheels, get it out and ride it! You’ll be blasting calories while having a blast. But don’t forget, safety first! For me, I'll just stick with the bike riding. Bike riding gets you outside and moving! When my husband and I went to South Carolina, our main means of transportation throughout the town was using bicycles. It was not only fun, but we torched calories!

Walking – Go for a walk, go for a hike, go for a light jog. Take it up a mountain, take it to the lake, or go around the block. Walking is great for your overall health. I love to hike with family and friends – why? It gives us a chance to get outside, pull ourselves away from electronics, connect with nature and get a great workout in.

Water – As the temperature continues to rise, we need to cool off. What better way than with water! Get your buns outside and into the pool, go to the ocean, or get to lake. Whatever you chose, get in the water; play water sports, swim laps or do pool games. These activities will torch those calories while having fun.

So get off the computer and get outside! Let’s enjoy this summer and connect with our family and friends while staying active and fit!

Xoxo, MK

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