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This is a 57 page marathon handbook that was designed in a way to help you become a better, stronger, smarter, faster runner - specifically at the marathon distance! It is a step-by-step guide that provides the knowledge and understanding of all things marathon, as well as, specific workouts you need to run your best marathon.


Tips, tools and information is easily laid out to help improve your endurance, speed and recovery, all while staying motivated throughout your running journey. You’ll gain the basic knowledge of all that goes into a successful marathon training cycle, from fueling to workouts, so that you train for optimal performance. 


This handbook also provides a 20-week marathon build for intermediate to experienced runners who have established base mileage comfortably running 25-30 miles per week. This sample plan will help you visualize and put to action all the concepts discussed in this e-book, from easy runs to speed workouts, cutback weeks and more. This plan was designed for runners who can run 5 days a week. If you’re running less or more, you can always adjust the easy day mileage to your average training distance.

Marathon Handbook

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