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This is a 17-page half marathon handbook that was designed in a way to help you become a better, stronger, smarter, faster runner - specifically at the half-marathon distance! It provides practical tips and tools to help you reach your potential and cross the finish line strong.


This e-book lays out a 16-week half marathon training guide that is designed for the busy runner or newer runners who are already comfortable running a base of 12 miles per week and at least 5 miles in one go for the weekend long run.


By committing to this plan, you’re signing up for 16 weeks of focused training before your half marathon, with 4 training days of running, 1 suggested cross training day to compliment your running routine, such as cycling, swimming, power walking, elliptical or something similar, and 2 rest days (for recovery) per week. It also included suggested strength training days to compliment your running routine. Each run throughout the guide serves a purpose - from easy effort runs, to speed work and long runs - and I’m here to help you reach your running potential.

Half Marathon Guide Beginner

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