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It's a Beautiful Day To Move Our Bodies


Come train with me in this digital PDF. 


Melissa Kendter COMMIT is a 4 week training guide that will help tap into your inner athlete and feel awesome while doing it! COMMIT is comprised of workouts you can do at home or at the gym, with minimal equipment and full photo demos. The workouts range in duration from 25-45 minutes and are a combination between strength based exercises with sets, supersets, circuit training, and HIIT that focus on strength, endurance, stability and movement patterns. The guide includes 45 pages of content.


These are the exact protocols I’ve used myself that really work. As someone who is constantly on the go with family, traveling, training clients, building my business, personal matters AND who loves to run — it’s tough to spend hours at the gym. I wanted to build a program that made it convenient to knock the workouts out, while still being challenged. The program has a lot of variety and each week will get progressively harder so that you can see results.


What is inside MK COMMIT?


  • 4 weeks of training
  • 45 pages of exercises and information
  • Photo breakdowns of each exercise
  • Bonus treadmill workouts + 8 minute abs
  • Warm-up & cool down protocols
  • Full access to me by e-mail
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Modifications


Upon purchasing, you will receive an e-mail within minutes with a link to directly download the training guide.  This guide is distributed in Ebook/PDF format. 


Who is COMMIT for?


COMMIT is for those that want an effective workout.  All the workouts range from 25-45 minutes. They are strength based, calorie torching sessions!


COMMIT is for those that like a clear layout with exercise clarifications and photos. 


COMMIT is for those who want to be challenged. The workouts are not easy and they build on each other. If you want a bomb workout and are limited on equipment – this is perfect for you.


COMMIT is for those that want a progressive program. You want to keep challenging yourself, whether that is by perfection your form, improving range of motion and/or upping the weights.


COMMIT is for those who still want to run, bike or take their favorite fitness class. The exercises in the program provide better stability, strength, endurance & help with injury prevention. If you are a runner or a biker this guide is especially great for you, and compliments a running routine! There are three strength based workouts a week, one HIIT session and two bonus treadmill interval workouts.


Let's sweat!

Commit with Melissa Kendter

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