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Fitness is for Everyone

Fitness is for everyone. I really believe and know that every single one of us can feel healthy, happy and fit to the best of our ability. We all start somewhere. Working out may initially seem predominantly “physical”, but the mental and emotional effects are amazing. Here are some of my favorite tips to help you starts and stick to your fitness journey!

1. Turn your excuses into actions. We are all busy, we all may have a million other things to do, we all may feel worn out, but excuses wont help us feel better and get stronger. For every excuse preventing you from going to the gym or working out at home, think long and hard about what you want to achieve. All the time wasted on making excuses you could have fit in a quick session or went on a brief walked. Any movement is better than no movement and you are worth it. I’m huge for making excuses that is why I plan out my workouts and week which leads to the next point. 2. Make a plan. Set your week up for success. On Sunday think about your work time, life and figure out what days you can fit in your workout, for how long, and which workout you will be doing. Like with most things in life, without a plan or structure in place for your workout it can be hard to keep track or stick with it. Without a plan, workouts can be time consuming and frustrating as you don’t know what to do and end up spending time thinking of what to do! A structured routine and workout plans are the key to consistency. Whether that be with a personal trainer, class or the MK Fit App, if you have a plan for what you’re doing, you’re more likely to stick with it and not feel lost.

3. Set short term achievable goals. No one starts with running a marathon in their first workout. Instead, set yourself steady, weekly goals that will realistically fit into your routine. For example, it could be a couple of 20-minute home or gym workouts, or to attend a fitness class at your gym. Write these in your diary or store them on your phone – you’re more likely to stick to them if you write them down and know they will fit into your personal routine. Plus, you’ll feel so good every time you smash them! 4. Create healthy habits. I may seem like a broken record but building health habits is SO important and its all about consistency consistency and more consistency with an actions until it becomes second nature. When something becomes a habit you will do it day in, day out and it will become part of your routine. For example, one of the best healthy habits you could start with is drinking water on a daily basis. As you start to work out more, you’ll need to be consistent with your hydration for energy and to get the most out of your workouts. One way I drink more water is by keeping my water bottle filled by my bedside and right when I wake in the morning I drink it. Another healthy habit is to stand more throughout the day if you are normal sedentary or have a desk job. How to do this is to set a reminder on your phone or watch to get up and more once an hour.

5. Create accountability. Start with a friend, join my private FB support group, reach out to others going through their fitness journey, create a fit account and reach out to me! Starting any fitness routine can be quite daunting, so participating in a class or doing your first session with a friend cause ease that nervousness, create added motivation and keep it fun along the way. Also joining my groups and sharing your workouts, progress, Inso will help keep your drive and determination, plus, we all deserve and need to be cheered on! Also, never be afraid to ask for help. 6. Reflect on your WHY. Whether it’s a health issue that pushed you to start working out, a grand baby on the way, or running your first marathon, write down your why and write down your goals and keep them close by. If you set yourself up with realistic goals, always reflect and evaluate them. Sometimes starting out the first couple weeks you do well, but then motivation may dwindle and you wish you were seeing progress faster.. then you start skipping workouts.. at that point ask yourself why and what can you do to change that. Because remember, our health and fitness is not linear, it is a journey and requires consistent long term effort. One thing about working out is that it’s all for you, your mental and physical health and will only make you feel better. Whether you’re a beginner or not, everyone deserves to do something amazing for themselves and working out can really make a significant difference to your health and well-being.

Once you take that first step, there will be no going back! Let fitness become apart of your life. Let it become your healthy outlet. Of course there will be days where you feel like giving up, but remember your why. You are worth it!

Xoxo, MK

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