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Committed to That Fitness Spark

You know the feeling when you’re dripping in sweat , your heart is pumping and you feel like you've reached your physical limit? But, you get up, you push through and you give it one more effort and finish your reps. You complete your workout. That feeling of pure joy, pure accomplishment, pure adrenaline knowing you've just trained harder than ever. It's because of that feeling that I fell in-love with fitness years and years ago and then became a Tone and Sculpt Trainer in 2021.

I found COMMIT through my love of pushing my mind and body to limits I didn't know were possible, through being better than the person I was yesterday. To be able to push my limits inside and outside the gym. I may not be the fastest or the strongest person, but I train as hard as anyone. I’m laser-focused on training to be being the best possible version of myself that I can be. I am COMMITTED.

I want to give women the tools to commit to themselves and feel fierce, strong and capable. To PERFORM. To build resilience through training that carries on into their everyday lives. To be the unexpected, to show the world that you are powerful and amazing. Fitness to me is about unleashing your inner champion and as your trainer I am here to guide you to that.

Visualize your best self then start showing up as her. When I started to apply that mentality to my training, it changed everything.

Training to build strength, lose fat, increase lean muscle mass is great, but if you’re not engaged MENTALLY, or if you’re not enjoying it, it’s not sustainable. That is why fitness for me (and for all, if you want it to be a habit) has to be fun and exciting. Love it, live it and it will love you back. Changing your habits isn't easy. It takes time, you’re going to want to quit more than once and may find yourself slipping back into old habits at times, but you can do it. Habit take time to build, progress takes time. Don’t expect to change your habits overnight. Changing your behaviour takes persistance and time, but it will be worth it.

Don't quit even when you want to. When you experience a fitness setback, it can feel like you will never reach the goal you're aiming for. That's why time and time again we need to remind ourselves, our health and fitness is no linear. It is about consistency over perfection. You may fall back into old habits every now and then, which is why balance is key. Don’t look for a quick fix, make a sustained lifestyle change. It's what you do most often that triumphs over what you do sometimes, so keep working towards those healthy habits.

While there is no “perfect” way to train, the closest thing you can get to “perfect” is to find a type of training that YOU enjoy, because when you find one you love, it becomes a lifestyle. And when it becomes a lifestyle, that yields great results.

I created my COMMIT programs to share what was my game changer. Focusing on functional and traditional methods to shape, sculpt and build strong healthy bodies. My signature training style includes strength training, cardio conditioning, sport specific drills and mobility paired perfectly to help you improve your total body fitness, improve your body composition, strength, endurance and mobility. Compounds, unilateral exercises and complex exercises, training for longevity, sustainability and performance – while still looking good and moving well. Every week blends quality-focused lifting work with high effort conditioning so you recover and still make gains.

My goal is to inspire you to COMMIT to yourself. Let's do this together.

Xo, MK

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