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Commit Low Impact with Melissa

I’m excited because my new program, Commit Low Impact, makes my style of training much more accessible to women everywhere! For anyone who ever thought “no thanks” because my workouts were too hard, too intimidating or they didn’t want to do plyometric exercises that require jumping, my new guide is for YOU.

Commit Low Impact with Melissa are high energy strength workouts using traditional and functional training methods to shape and build strong bodies, without jumping! These workouts are designed to be completed at home or the gym, anywhere you have room to move, within 20-30 minutes, leaving no muscle untouched! This program was created for you to reach your fitness goals with high energy low-impact, minimal equipment workouts. You’ll progress through fundamental to more dynamic movements as you go through the program.

  • 8 weeks with linear progression

  • Full Body Training Split with 30 minute workouts

    • Full Body

    • Full Body

    • Core and Cardio

      • In this case, if working out 2-3 days a week is ideal for you, then this program will be perfect. You’d have “Full Body (workout 1)” on one day, say Monday, and “Full Body (workout 2)” on the other, say Wednesday. For most people, this would be the best option since it allows for more variety, progressive overload and emphasises certain body parts/exercises in each workout, both of which are beneficial when you’re limited to just 2-3 workouts per week. Then you can add the bonus Core and Cardio day on Friday.

  • Complete this program at home or in the gym (only dumbbells and bands required)

  • The exercises will gradually increase in complexity, building towards more dynamic/complex movements as you progress through the program and your strength, endurance and coordination improve

  • Workout structure has 4-5 phases: activation circuit, paired and combo training (trisets and supersets), finishers, cool down

You can expect to see my signature training style incorporating traditional and functional strength training methods paired with cardio and core conditioning blended perfectly to help you improve your total body fitness, your body composition, strength, stamina and mobility, all while not leaving the floor AND in a reasonable amount of time!

These workouts are designed to fit into YOUR lifestyle. I’m here to show you that low-impact workouts can still be an effective way to build your strength, elevate your heart rate, improve your endurance, body composition and overall fitness.

Suitable for every fitness level! The workouts are perfect if you’re returning to exercise, live in an apartment complex where you cannot jump, require or prefer low impact exercise, a busy mom or someone that can only train 2-3 times per week and still wants to make meaningful progress.

I want you to feel confident that you can get your workout done, wherever you are, at a time that suits you best. What’s really special about Low Impact with Melissa is that you can go at your own pace and do it together with your friends, family or partner. It truly is a program for EVERYONE!

Xox, Melissa

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