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Keys for Weight Loss

Are you struggling to lose weight? Or do you not know where to start? There are many components to weight loss that are key, for instance, counting calories and/or macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbs), strength training, cardio work, sleep, and a positive attitude. But today we will focus on three: counting calories, strength training and cardio. Although all three are important, they are not created equal.

In rank: counting calories, building strength then cardio.

1. Counting calories and macros. Understanding food intake, portion control and what you are putting in to your body is KEY. Logging your food properly is one of the most important components to weight loss. Most people think and believe they are actually eating less and ingesting less calories than they actually are. So figure out a safe calorie deficit for you, follow the guidelines consistently (measuring food, weighing food, don't forget the calories you drink!), and the weight will come off. Make sure to readjust your daily goals as you lose weight as well.

2. Strength train. No matter your age, strength training is vital and the best form of exercise you can do. Not only does more muscle burn more calories, but muscle takes us less space than fat. But going even a step further, it benefits the body and your overall health in so many amazing ways. For instance, denser bones, better posture, stronger tendons and ligaments, and less prone to injury. The stronger you are, the easier daily tasks become. Remember, muscle is what keeps us moving.

3. Cardiovascular activity. I am a firm believer of being balanced and that everything has its role. There are some people that strictly do cardio, that is a no. Then there are some that strictly avoid it, that is also a no. Everyone needs some sort of conditioning work, whether is HIIT, LISS, spinning, fast paced walking, jogging, etc. Try to get in some sort of cardio at least two times a week.

Wrapping this all up, for weight loss, remember, the number one place to start is counting calories. Even if you don't count calories, your body does, so be aware of what you are putting in to it. Then adding strength training will add muscle mass, which is a good thing now and for the future. And no body like to be winded, so adding in cardio work will help. Good health is an investment, invest in yourself.

Xoxo, MK

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