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Smoothie Real Talk

A lot of clients will ask me questions in regards to smoothies. How to make them, what to put in them, how much, what I use and what they use. So let’s get some smoothie honesty!

Done correctly, smoothies are nutrition powerhouses that can pump you full of healthy nutrients. Done wrong, they can add excess sugar, fat, and artificial ingredients. Especially when bought from local chain stores. Healthy [DIY] smoothies have: ➳ Healthy fats, carbs and protein ➳ No ADDED sugar ➳ No ADDED protein upon protein upon protein ➳ Portion controlled! Smoothies typically have everything you would have at a meal, therefore it is a “meal”! Not alongside a meal, unless your goals are otherwise for bulking or different. So decide if your smoothie is a meal or a snack and adjust your portions. ‼️examples‼️ SNACK: berries, 1/2-1 cup Greek yogurt, ice, water (about 150-175 cals) MEAL: medium banana, spinach, chia or flax, portioned protein of choice, coconut/almond milk, ice, etc (about 350-400 ish cals). Again these are rough examples. Many yummy variations of each. You have to strike the right balance when it comes to protein: too much is not better and too little could leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied. Too much protein means a protein powder, topped with peanut butter topped with greek yogurt 🤯 One client who asked about her smoothie was doing veggies, almond butter, berries, banana, greek yogurt, protein powder, almond milk and honey! Which is about 600 calories! So not realizing she was adding extra unnecessary calories and unnecessary amount of protein!

So figure out which type of smoothie you want, create it and enjoy!

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