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Simple Ways to Cut Cals

Having trouble shedding those last for pounds? Trying to stay lean? Here are some tips and tricks to cut a few cals here or there.

MK tips:

Grill or broil any meat and vegetables. When you sauté meat or vegetables on a stovetop, they soak up any butter or oil they’re cooked in, which adds more calories. Grill them instead or roast them over a slotted pan. That makes extra fat or added oils drip away from your food.

Try poaching or boiling eggs and chicken. This technique means you simmer food in a liquid, typically water. It’s a good way to keep extra fat off your eggs, but it’s also great for veggies and chicken. And it’s super simple to do... just drop it in and watch it bubble until it’s done.

Plan your meals and portion out snacks. It’s easier to pass up fast food when you know there’s a healthy meal at home, or properly portioned snacks in your car or bag. Choose low-cal recipes that are easy to prepare and easy to make extra of. Save time on hectic days and make as many of your meals as you can ahead of time

Look for healthier swaps and hold the mayo! For example, buy skim milk instead of whole, and plain greek yogurt rather than sour cream. Mayo has close to 100 calories per tbsp, so try a healthier swap like certain types of mustard, or if you are adding avocado, use that as the spread. Look at labels, and don’t forget to check the serving size when you compare the numbers.

Replace those bag of chips with crunchy carrots or homemade kale chips. Chips are not filling and often times it's only 10 chips per 150 calories! 10 chips!!! Therefore, you end up eating half the bag and close to 800plus empty calories.

What to take from this? Plan ahead. Be conscious about your choices. Make health a habit.

Xoxo, MK

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