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Self-Care To-Do

Establish a schedule:

Keep the time you wake up and the time you go to bed within an hour of each other. When you stay up too late or sleep in too late, it throws off your whole mind and body. Skimping on sleep makes it much harder to embrace all the happy things in life.

Have a PM Ritual:

Find a practice that is extremely relaxing and make it a nightly habit. Whether it is essential oils, reading a book, stretching - these rest rituals can go a long way and get your mind ready for a good nights sleep.

Eat Good:

Eat good, feel good. Everything starts with the "gut" or digestion. So make sure you are putting whole foods in your body. Eat each meal, and fuel up on all the proper food groups.

Get Sweaty:

Exercise releases endorphins that can drop stress and improve sleep. Not to mention, exercise can give mental clarity, boost your mood and improve your confidence.

Xoxo, MK

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