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Sneak in Hydration

Water keeps your body working orderly and properly. Your organs, your muscles and your joints all need it. Not only is it good for your skin, but it keeps you cool on a hot day, helps your immune system fight off colds, aids in weight loss, and improves muscle recovery. So, if water isn't apart of your daily routine, here are a few quick tips to include it.

First, eat your water. Yes, you heard right, eat your water. Numerous foods can aid in getting about 15-20% of your daily water intake. For instance, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, and zucchini are to name a few. Homemade soups as well. They are mostly liquid, then just add in the veggies and protein, it will help you fight your cold faster too!

Next, if your anything like my mom and hate water, add lemon! Or add lime, cucumber and/or a fruit of your choice to spice up the water and make it more palatable. Not only will it be more palatable, but you will up your antioxidant intake as well.

Make it fizzle. Seltzer waters are amazing. They come in different delicious flavors and they give you that fizz without the sugar! A complete win win.

Try a fresh batch of herbal tea. Their are so many varieties that are beneficial and thirst quenching. Yogi Tea and Traditional Medicine Tea have some amazing flavors. I am a fan of their lavender tea. I'll brew it then throw it over ice, to make iced tea for the summer time. Expand your horizons with the flavors!

Also, pay attention to your pee! If it is dark yellow, get drinking aqua! Your body is letting you know it is thirsty.

Another quick tip is to make it a habit before you sit down for a meal, drink a glass of water. It will help up your intake and get your organs running smoothly.

Moral of this blog, be aware, if your thirsty, drink water. And drink it whichever way works best for you.

Xoxo, MK

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