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Why am I not seeing results?

One of the most common questions I get asked is 'why am I not seeing results?' or 'I feel like I'm not making good enough progress'. I get it, because feeling like you are getting "nowhere" can be so frustrating, especially when you feel like you are doing everything right. But hear me out! Over the years of in-person and online training, more often than not, I see people self-sabotaging their results without even realizing it. So, below are common ways you may be standing in your own way when it comes to achieving your goals and what to do. Whatever your goal may be, I encourage you to do an honest self-assessment, and think about your consistency, effort, time, schedule, etc.

  1. Adherence: Are you actually adhering to your plan? Not just on weekdays, but on weekends too? Does it seem like you are "on again off again" with your plan or its happening more like, every other week? Then you may not be as consistent as you think. If you're 'writing off' your weekends, deviating from your plan and eating out frequently, then this is probably why you're not seeing the results that you think you should. Adherence and consistency is number one when it comes to achieving your goals, so make sure you have this in check before you assume that you're plateauing or that your plan isn't working. And if you need a workout plan and guidance, join me using my Commit programs (home and gym) on the EY app.

  2. Sleep and recovery: Are you allowing your body to recovery well, including sleep? These are super underrated when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals. Sleep is a magic ingredient to progressing. Sleep is where our body does most of its repairing, rebuilding and growth. If you're not getting enough sleep, your hunger hormones, training intensity, ability to recover, mood, mental health and immunity are compromised. I know it can be easier said that done (especially coming from a girl who has to constantly work on her sleep habits!!)... but, start prioritizing your sleep and recovery as much as you do your training and nutrition, and you will see huge improvements.

  3. Nutrition: Your body thrives on whole nutrient dense foods. Getting sufficient and adequate carbs, fats and protein. Our bodies do a lot for us, so we must give it what it needs in return. Now, it's one thing to hit your macros, and another to make sure you are getting enough micronutrients as well. Be sure to eat enough fruits and veggies, as well as hitting your protein and overall calorie target. I try to focus on getting a well-rounded mix of fruits and veggies, but I am also a creature of habit.. that is why I take my Reds & Greens micronutrients from PE Science. I want to ensure I am getting all the nutrients I can.

  4. Movement / NEAT: Simply moving more can be a great way to increase your energy expenditure throughout the day. That is why I often talk about NEAT: non exercise activity thermogenesis. All movement outside of structure exercises; so looking for opportunities to move more throughout the day, whether thats parking your care further away, going for unplanned walks, setting reminders to stand, etc. This is also why I love aiming for a step target! Before adding in excessive cardio or more training sessions, make sure you simply moving enough first and hitting a consistent step target.

  5. Time: Be patient with yourself. Make sure you actually give yourself enough time to see results. Our fitness is a lifelong journey and our bodies are constantly growing and adapting, but often times that takes weeks, months, years. It won't happen overnight, so make sure you are staying consistent before you look at making adjustments.

Xo, Melissa

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