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Weight Training for Women for Improved Performance

You know I am obsessed with running and cardio, but at the same time, I LOVE weight training and all the benefits it brings. Want to move through life with more ease? Weight train. Want to run stronger? Weight train.

Weight training makes me feel strong, empowered, confident... and how I set up my weight training perfectly compliments my running routine.

I believe it’s important to find a form of exercise that you genuinely love. If you find something you truly enjoy, I guarantee you’ll look forward to working out and improving your health. That is why I am so happy that you landed here and trust me as you hybrid coach!

What is weight training? To put it simply, it’s exercise that makes your muscles work against a weight or force, so that they get stronger and increase in size, while you maintain your form and build stamina.

My signature programs blend traditional and functional weight training methods with cardio conditioning and sport specific drills to deliver an AMAZING experience, not just an effective workout. I want women in my community to feel the same phenomenal benefits I do after a really great weight training session.

Weight training is for EVERYONE. It does not make you less feminine. In fact, strength and femininity go hand in hand.

Not to mention ALL the benefits that weight training brings. The non physical benefits you can expect to feel are just as amazing as the physical benefits you can expect to see. It’s all about uncovering your inner strength and power. It helps you move through life with more ease, improves your every day performance not just in the gym but also outside of the gym. It compliments your running game, cycling game and more.

Physical benefits include: increased muscle mass, preservation and increase of bone density, prevention of muscle mass loss, improve over health numbers and well-being, improved metabolism.

Non-physical benefits include: increased energy, increased confidence, enhanced memory and mental focus, better sleep.

These are just some of my favorite benefits of weight training, I could go on and on. Trust me, all of your hard efforts, early morning morning workouts, express workouts, and sweat are all worth it!

Choosing an appropriate weight: you always want to train smarter. Make sure you understand how to do the exercise and movement first, prior to adding an additional load. Start lighter, then gradually increase your weight. Rule of thumb - if you are completing fewer repetitions, the weight should be heavier, if the reps are higher than the weight should be lighter. A main takeaway is to start with a lighter weight, whatever feels comfortable yet challenging for YOU, and build up over time as you become stronger and more confident to lift more.

Correct form: correct form cannot be stressed enough! It minimizes the risk of injury and gives you the best chance to achieve the results you really want. Completing movements and repetitions with correct form will also allow you to get the most out of the workout and help you reach the physical benefits of weight training. Remember to follow the exercise cues! Each person may look slightly different doing a squat, deadlift, press, etc because of our anatomical deviations and limb lengths, flexibility, injuries and training experience, so I cannot stress enough to follow the appropriate cues on how to execute an exercise properly. A person who has long legs will no doubt look different performing a deadlift vs someone with shorter legs. Also, as a tip, you want to stay within your active range of motion, specifically for RDL's, to avoid low back pain and to keep the emphasis on your glutes. Don't overextended, or reach the dumbbells too far down just because your flexibility may allow.

And don't rush! It’s better to take your time and properly perform a movement rather than smashing out more reps and exposing yourself to potential injury. And modifying and swapping out exercise is OKAY as well! Every person and each body is different iso t’s important to know your limits and not push yourself too far. You can actually waste time working out if you're doing it with incorrect form. So I always encourage modifying the reps, sets, exercise to make it work best for your body and where you are currently at.

Rest leads to gains: after weight training, your muscles need time to repair so they can develop strength and size. If you don’t rest when you need to, you increase the chance of injuring your body or becoming more susceptible to illness. Hydration, sleep, nutrient dense foods, walking, will do the body good and allow it to repair, recover and grow!

Incorporating weight training: a well-rounded fitness routine includes weight training to improve joint function, bone density and muscle, tendon and ligament strength. But, it should also include aerobic exercise to improve your heart and lung fitness, flexibility and balance exercises. That is why I LOVE my Commit Guides and additional workouts on the app.

Training is about longevity. So finding what works best for you, your goals and your schedule is key. Your health still benefits from one training session a week, two training sessions a week, three, four, whatever your schedule allows! You can't reap benefits if you are doing nothing at all, so anything is better than nothing and your body will thank you for it!

Whether you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey and considering Commit Gym or Commit Home, or want to try something new to level up your fitness game and improve your performance, I got the tools set for you!

Xox, MK

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