"I have been going to MK for a while now and I have had AMAZING results!! She is so flexible when things happen that interrupt our normal schedule and is always available for questions! She has given me some great advice and always goes above and beyond to answer all my questions! She is also very approachable and always so nice! I also really admire the fact that she makes sure weights are okay, injuries are not bothering me and will modify the workout on the spot if I am in some sort of pain! I look forward to every session with her and leave with a feeling of achievement every time! Sign up, you will NOT regret!" - Sam

"I like to work out but seem to get stuck on the same workout and I see no results. She had me working out and continues to change up the exercises and I was so sore in a great way. I Learned different exercises and feel confident now that my results are finally going to show. I given her a 5+ she knows her stuff." - Jackie


"I enjoy the challenge of my workouts and feel so much stronger." - Ash J

"Melissa is an incredible person. She makes you feel warm and welcomed in her home studio. She is serenely knowledgeable about which moves to practice in order to target core areas of your body but she also knows a lot about doing fitness moves the right way as to not hurt yourself. She is encouraging, funny and polite person and the one on one training she gives makes you feel worth it! I highly recommend MK Personal Training for anyone who doesn't want the environment of a busy gym and needs personal accountability." - Becca

"Melissa is very knowledgeable and personal! She listens to your goals and concerns and follows up with you via email with suggestions and helpful tips. Her workouts are challenging and effective. I highly recommend her." - Melly 

"Melissa is amazing. I used to work out like a maniac and go nowhere fast. Then I hired Melissa. With only 30 mins twice a week, I have never felt better since I was 20. I have dropped 3 sizes, have more energy and less pain. My husband was so amazed, he goes to her now for his fitness routine. He hates exercise, but loves what Melissa is doing for him. Because of Melissa, I now like working out and getting fit. It doesn't take hours a week, only minutes a week to get the fitness level of my dreams." - Juliet