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Chipolte Indulgence

Latest indulgence: chicken salad bowl at Chipotle. Was it worth it? Yes. Now as for dining out, I still try to be smart about my orders, yet I don’t deprive myself or eat less.

How to be smart about it you ask? Try and stick with the salad bowls if you can. If you must get a burrito, forgo the rice. Just be smart about what your ordering. Simple. It cannot be overstressed: when in doubt, prioritize the veggies. Prioritize the vegetables because vegetables are low in calories and high in nutrients. Prioritize the vegetables because vegetables fill you up. If nothing else, prioritize vegetables because at Chipotle, vegetables do not cost extra, so nutritionally and financially, vegetables are the obvious thing to do. Again, pretty simple if you just think about it, so get those sautéed yummy veggies, salsa and whatever else they have! And don’t be afraid to ask for extra too.

Add the guacamole. It is green and plant-based; you should order it. Avocados have healthy fats, fiber, vitamin K, folate, potassium — must I go on? Anyway, they should be enjoyed often. Yes, they may be high in calories, but in the dietary ranking of Chipotle toppings, guac trumps cheese and sour cream, or the dressing. So get the guac and for-go the cheese and sour cream. Again, just be smart about it.

Lastly, I forgo the dressing because it already has the sautéed chicken and veggies, beans, guac, corn, salsa and whatever other yummy goodness, so it technically doesn’t need a “dressing.” Again, just think about it, and try it next time. And if you need an extra kick at times like I do, just add some hot sauce.

On to the next topic: how are all the employees at Chipotle so kind and positive??

Xoxo, MK

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