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Running Tips

It can be pretty tough to step outside and start running. But, boy is it worth it!

Not a runner? Think again. You don’t need to run long distance or run for hours to be considered a runner. Just get up, put on those sneaks, walk out side, take a deep breath and get jogging. And when your done, smile and be proud of what you have done. You are a runner.

Running tips:

  • Creat a playlist. Seriously, music will keep you moving. Music will be your distraction. Music will help you keep a pace. So get some poppin’ music and hit the pavement. Also, don’t be afraid to sing along! (Sometimes that helps me )

  • Learn to breath. Find your breathing rhythm. Inhale through your nose, exhale though your mouth. Go at a pace where you are comfortable and where your breathing is regulated. And if you need to slow down, then slow down.

  • Dress right. Make sure you have the proper shoes for your feet. Whether you have flat feet (like me!), high arches, whether you supinate or overpronate, make sure you buy the correct shoes for your feet so you are comfortable and do not hurt yourself. Do not buy shoes that are too small. Typically I buy a half size bigger. Also, wear breathable, dry-fit clothing. Invest in a proper sports bra. Get an arm band for your phone or iPod, and make sure your hair is pulled back and out of your face. Sweat it out and feel invigorated!

  • Practice intervals. I can’t stress this enough. Intervals helped me so much; I’ve now upped my mileage and time because of them. Running doesn’t always mean a consistent pace, and it shouldn’t. Make it fun, make it tough. Sprint for 15-30 seconds then jog for a minute, or sprint the straighways and jog the corners. Or sprint to a stop sign then lightly jog after. Intervals are powerful and you will see a difference.

  • Stretch. Make sure you have moderate warm ups and cool downs. Make sure you stretch. Try and Stretch your entire body.

  • Track yourself. Track yourself through social media and apps. When you track yourself you will be accountable and more apt to do it again. You will also see your progress and it will help you set moderate goals.

  • Be proud. Whether you ran to the end of your block, completed a mile or did a 5k – be proud. You did it. Praise yourself and talk about it with your friends and family. Then, do it again. Don’t put up that negative mental block – you got this!

  • Run again. Always be positive about your run. Feel the runners high, let this be our outlet. So stick it out and do it again!

Create your own run, your own course. Do not let anyone’s likes, dislikes, comments or no comments, discourage you. Create your own pace and set your own goals. Challenge yourself. The roads the limit!

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