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The MK 4-week Beginner Shred workout guide can be done at home or at the gym, mainly bodyweight exercises! Get ready to move your body and feel like a true athlete!


This is a strategically written program that focuses on total body fitness, strength and endurance. It is a 3-day total body split. So each week there are three seperate circuits to complete for four weeks, totaling 12 different circuits. Did I already mention, you will contantly be moving! #mkfitcrew


  • Written fitness guide (no videos or pictures attached)
  • Time: about 20-30 minutes each workout
  • Provided is a brief intro guide to help you set up the week
  • Bodyweight exercises + dumbbell exercises
  • Instant PDF download: save it to your device as an e-book or print it out and bring it with you anywhere!
  • No subscription necessary, this plan is yours to keep!
  • Finished with the program? Move on to the next MK Training Guide or go through it again! These are staple moves that should be mastered and can continually be challenging by changing the variables (weight, reps, time, perfecting form, etc)
  • Non refundable

Who is SHRED for? Shred is for those that are short on time, but still want an effective workout. Shred is for those that are trying to get into a solid workout routine. Shred is for those that was to build strength and endurance. And if you love to run, bike, swim or take fitness classes, this program can be built around that and better your every day life and movement patterns.


Upon purchasing, you will receive an email within minutes with a link to download this training guide. This is distributed in PDF / E-book format. Please download it to your device immediately. 


Let's sweat!

MK Beginner Shred

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