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My Exclusive Commit Programs

If your thinking about training with me, you might be wondering which Commit program you should choose and why - I have four programs you can chose from: Commit Gym, Commit Home, Commit Express, Commit Low Impact, Commit Athletic Build! All science-backed and packed with a punch to help improve your performance inside and outside of the gym! And to help you make an informed decision as to which program would best suite you and your schedule, here is an overview of the my Commit home and gym programs.

In all of my programs, I use functional and traditional strength training methods paired properly with conditioning, core & mobility work alongside sport specific drills to to shape and build strong bodies. Want to become a stronger runner? I got you. Want to hit new PB's? I got you. Want to build muscle? I got you.

The principal of progress overload is always applied and will help you get the results you are looking for! Both in my signature home and gym based guides you can expect to see this 'functional body building' to help you reach your fitness goals without the burnout. We will always hit all the major muscle groups and move in various planes of motion for improved performance.

Every workout throughout all of my programs have a goal in mind to bring strength not only to how you crush your workouts, but how you move through life. My programs incorporate both strength and muscle-building techniques, strength balance sets for healthy joints and a symmetrical physique, as well as intensity supersets. Your body naturally adapts to things, so it's important to follow a plan that pushes you and encourages you to also try new things, while perfecting the foundations.

No matter if you chose a 3 day guide, 5 day guide, low impact, gym or home based program, I will help you build muscle, athleticism and improve your performance, no matter which plan you choose. Now let's dive in to the differences.

Commit Express:

  • Expect 30 minute workouts

  • 3 full body days a week

  • You will need access to basic gym equipment

Commit Gym:

  • Expect workouts ranging from 30-60 minutes

  • Choose between a 3 or 5 day upper body / lower body split

  • You will need access to gym equipment

Commit Home:

  • Expect workouts ranging from 30-45 minutes

  • Choose between a 4 or 6 day upper body, lower body, full body split

  • Minimal equipment needed: dumbbells and resistance band

Commit Low Impact:

  • Expect 30 minute workouts

  • Choose between 2 or 3 full body days a week

  • Minimal equipment needed: dumbbells and resistance band

  • High energy workouts, with absolutely no jumping

Commit Athletic Build:

  • Beginner and intermediate levels

  • Beginner: 3 day split, intermediate: 4 day split, both with the option of additional express day

  • Minimal equipment to basic gym equipment

  • Programmed out in 3 week phases

With all that being said, you NEED to find a plan that aligns with your schedule for adherence, that aligns with your goals for success, and that you enjoy so that you will remain consistent. When all of that falls into place, movement and exercise will become a habit and your progress will manifest.

Click here to sign up and train with me - start your free trial!

Xo, Melissa

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