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Break Through Your Fitness Plateau - Progressive Overload the Committed Way

Are you stuck in a fitness rut? Do you feel like you’ve stopped making progress? Or maybe no long enjoying your workouts? These workout tips can help you to get your momentum back when you’ve reached a fitness plateau. 

Don’t feel discouraged if you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock on your fitness journey, it happens to many people at some point in their fitness journey. Once you understand how your body adapts to training, you can make the proper changes to break through the plateau, continue making progress and start enjoying your training sessions again. 

A workout plateau occurs when your body adjusts to the demands of your workouts. During a workout plateau, you can start to feel unmotivated, bored with your workouts, or that it is all to easy or mundane. This is a sign that you may be ready to try a new training style or add in some type of progressive overload to your workouts.

It’s normal for your workouts to feel easier as time goes on and as you get stronger, as that happens, that’s your cue to ramp up your training in some way, shape or form so that you can keep progressing.

To keep seeing results, to continue enjoying your workouts, and for your body to keep changing, adapting and getting stronger, progressive overload is key. But what is progressive overload and how do we apply it?

Progressive overload is a training principle that means you gradually increase the stress placed on your body during your workouts so that your body has to keep adapting. You can do this in various forms such as gradually increasing the weights you are using, changing your training frequency, changing up the tempo of exercises (slowing things down, speeding things up), increasing the number of repetitions, as well as, by trying a new angle variation or changing up the grip, and improving your range of motion & form during an exercise. All are ways to continue to progress and see results.

When you first start working out, you usually feel the results straight away, especially if you weren’t previously active. However, as time passes you may notice the results become less obvious.
 This is 100% normal! The body is incredibly resilient, and this means that it adapts to the physical demands of your training. As your body adapts, exercises that were once challenging become easier.
  While it’s easy to become comfortable with your routine once you get an exercise habit in place, changing up your training or increasing the intensity of your workouts can help to ensure you keep your workouts exciting and keep getting results. It's worthy to note that getting proper rest and recovery is just as important for your fitness progress as hitting all of your workout goals. Recovery is where the magic happens! Some of the signs you might be overtraining include fatigue, low energy levels, insomnia and some women can even experience a loss of their period. Other signs include muscle and joint pain and you may find that you get sick more easily. You can stop making progress if you don’t get enough rest, don’t drink enough water or don’t eat the right foods to support your training. It’s important to use the progressive overload principal in a safe way to avoid injury or overtraining, such as following one of my programs and getting the results you want.

Small changes to your workouts can help prevent a plateau. When you better your form, increase the weight, sets, reps, intensity, the number of sessions completed each week, the amount of rest taken between sets or use variations of exercises, you encourage a “training response” to occur. Making small changes regularly encourages your body to continue building muscle and strength using the same exercises.

That is what I absolutely love about my Commit Guides! I have strategically written them in a way that you will continue getting the results you want, if you follow the programs consistency. I have curated the plans so that you will continue to enjoy your workouts and they remain exciting. Commit will improve your physical performance, improve your body composition and increase your strength, endurance and stamina. No matter when you join, I have the workouts ready to build your skills, strength, stamina and build visible muscle too. Every week blends quality weight training with high effort conditioning so you recover and still make gains, building muscle, getting stronger, without overtaxing any one area at a time. My signature training style using traditional and functional strength training methods, alongside cardio conditioning and paired with core, mobility and sport specific drills. We will continue to look good and move well!

Xox, MK

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