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Let's Get FITreal

So here’s the thing, their is so much out there in the world about fitness, body image, and being healthy. Heck, it’s 2016 and we live in the “largest” country that’s the most focused on health. Either people are too thin or too big, they want a butt, they don’t want a butt. But what I realized, is that most of what’s out there is unrealistic or it seems like these “health people” live in another world where nothing effects them, or all they do is work out. But as for me, I have a career, I am involved in a volunteer effort, I am a wife, a homeowner, a mother of a pet, but I love fitness. Working out has become my therapy. I am no size zero, I don’t have a BMI of 16, but I am healthy and happy (relatively speaking). I eat healthy, and then I don’t, but then I do again. I use to look at actors and actresses, models, and fitness people with envy. I wanted to look like them. I wanted to be them. I wanted my every curves to look like Kate Hudson or my legs to look like Angelina Jolie’s. But why?

Over the years I have realized each and every one of us have beautiful bodies and all of us are different. Everyone has different curves, and everyone has different legs. I grew to be proud of my body, but the struggle is real. I grew to work with my body. I found out what foods it responds to best, and work outs it responds to best; and what it does not. We each just have to find out what routines may work for our bodies and minds, and what will help us to feel our best. That is what I have done, and that is what I am continuing to do. So as I sit here tonight watching the 2016 miss USA pageant, staring at these beautiful long lean ladies, I know that is not me and that is not majority of the world. And although I indulged in some delicious food today, that is okay, because tomorrow is a new day, a new work out routine, and new food goals.

Xoxo, MK

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