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10 Thoughts We've All Had During Our Workout

Determination and motivation is key to following a healthy lifestyle plan. However, some days are just better than others; that's a given. Some days you look forward to your workout while other days you can't wait until it's over. If you find the will to sweat it out is lacking, remember your not alone and other MK babes have been there as well! Brush it off and be ready to commit and crush it tomorrow. I put together this fun list of thoughts we have all had during these times and during our workouts! Thoughts: "These tights are totally not see through when I bend and move, right??!!" *dying a bit inside* "Seriously, is it normal to sweat this much??!" *dripping in sweat while other girls l

How to Overcome Speed Bumps in Your Fitness Journey

At some point during your MK workouts, or any new fitness routine, you might be faced with a hiccup. Your motivation could be low and mentally, you are kind of struggling to keep going with the routine. Here are some of the common roadblocks you might face, and how to beat them! “I don’t see any changes!” Don’t be upset if it’s been a few weeks and you aren’t seeing results just yet. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to train more or eat less. Your body is simply adjusting. With consistent workouts and a healthy eating plan, the results should soon appear. In the meantime, you might have noticed these changes: your clothes might fit better, the exercises you struggled with at the beginnin

Signs Your Fitness is Improving, That Is Not Related To Weight

It is a beautiful day to move your body! Now, improving your fitness should not always be based on your weigh. Health and fitness is so much more than the number that shows up below you as you step on that scale. Let's dive in. You feel mentally alert during the day. A great sign that your fitness might be improving is increased alertness during the day. Rather than feeling tired or sluggish, you might find you feel much sharper and confident. Noticing an improvement in your problem solving skills is a good sign your brain is may also be feeling a little fitter! Your balance is better. With regular exercise, your muscles and joints actually perform better, which can lead to better balance. I

All The Reasons You Should Workout Today

It's a beautiful day to move your body! However, there are some days when you might be having trouble motivating yourself to workout, it happens. While you’re committed to your own fitness routine, today you just aren’t feeling it. You’ve made progress, so having a day off won’t hurt. But, here are a couple of other reasons why you should still get moving. Exercise improves your mood. Each time you workout, you release endorphins, which create feelings of happiness. Even just 30 minutes of exercise may completely turn a bad mood around. Or just adding in small bursts of movement throughout the day. Working out helps lower stress. Exercise can help to slow cortisol (the stress hormone) produc

Running Tips for Beginners

One of the major draws for people who take up running is how little is needed. There’s no fancy equipment or expensive memberships to worry about, you just lace up your sneakers, open the front door and hit the road. And while the runner’s high is fantastic, you might start to notice some not so great side effects: achy muscles, blackened toenails, plantar fasciitis, tight muscles or other common running injuries. That is why I’ve compiled this little list of ways to get the most out of each and every run. Even if you’re an intermediate, these running tips for beginners will improve your running, keep your body safe and make running a healthy activity you can enjoy for years to come. And tru

How to Stay Motivated?

How do I stay motivated? This is a question I’m truly asked all the time. I think self motivation is a real life struggle for many people! Let me start by confessing that I am not motivated every second of every day, because believe it or not, I am human too! However, it comes down to determination, daily habits, goals and positive self talk that truly aids in motivation. That being said, I have found a few things that always seem to get me back on track and excited to keep crushing my goals. Fitness motivation tips and tricks: 1. Switch things up. If you’ve been going to the same gym, doing the same routine, attending the same class for a long time now and your heart is not set in it, then

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