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Sweat + a Workout

Is sweating necessarily a sign of a good workout? How do you judge a good workout? Drenched and exhausted? It is a great question, keep reading to find out! Why do we sweat? You probably already know that sweat is released when your body is trying to cool itself down, it is called thermal sweating. When you’re working out, your core temperature rises and your body responds by controlling your internal temperature, so your brain signals for your thermoregulatory response to start. That’s when you begin to perspire. How much you sweat can be determined by many variables such as age, genes, gender, metabolic rate, the clothing you are wearing and the current temperature you are in. Does sweatin

Road Trip Snacks

When you’re travelling, healthy eating can be a little difficult. There’s the temptation of pre-packaged foods and drive-throughs, so it’s easy to overdo it on the not-so-healthy options! You’re going to be in the car for a few hours or on an airplane, you’ll definitely get hungry, so it helps to be prepared! Here’s a little list I put together of some easy healthy snacks to pack on a road trip. Fresh fruit or veggies. Simple, healthy delicious! Fresh fruit and vegetables are perfect for snacking on. Pick fruit and veggies that you enjoy. and that are easy to eat. For instance, some of my favorite go-to options are carrots (always!), snap peas, grapes, apples, and bananas. Energy/protein bar

Build a Strong Mindset

If you’ve ever looked at someone and thought ‘they are so happy’ or 'I don't get how they are always so positive' then I want you to keep reading! We all can be THAT person, if we chose and work on, a positive mindset. Becoming mentally stronger is something we all should work on every day. Like we build our muscles up or maintain our body, we want to maintain a healthy mind. Because lets face it, we all have bad things that happen, but its what we chose to dwell on that will effect our outlook. These are a few tips I want to share to help you build a strong, positive mindset! UP YOUR SELF TALKING GAME. Encourage yourself. We often speak to ourselves in a way that we would or should never sp

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