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Road Trip Snacks

When you’re travelling, healthy eating can be a little difficult. There’s the temptation of pre-packaged foods and drive-throughs, so it’s easy to overdo it on the not-so-healthy options!

You’re going to be in the car for a few hours or on an airplane, you’ll definitely get hungry, so it helps to be prepared! Here’s a little list I put together of some easy healthy snacks to pack on a road trip.

Fresh fruit or veggies. Simple, healthy delicious! Fresh fruit and vegetables are perfect for snacking on. Pick fruit and veggies that you enjoy. and that are easy to eat. For instance, some of my favorite go-to options are carrots (always!), snap peas, grapes, apples, and bananas.

Energy/protein bars. Once you’re a few hours into a trip, you might want something to keep your energy up. Find a protein bar that you enjoy and pack them into your bag for when you need a good pick-me-up option rather than fast food.

Trail mix. Try making your own trail mix before you head off on your next road trip! Not only will you make it the way you like, but it will be easier to portion out and save on calories. I like to use a mixture of seeds, berries and nuts, but you can play around and add the types you like. Make sure to portion everything out that you are adding, then add them to little baggies, so as to not over-do it.

Turkey/Beef jerky. I love this protein packed snack! Find a beef jerky or beed stick that is nitrate free, soy free, gluten free and your body will be so thankful for the protein! Some of my favorite brands are Think Jerky, Chomps, and Epic Bars.

A trip is all about enjoying the journey, so don’t feel like you have to deprive yourself of everything you like. The goal is simply to avoid mindless eating, or snacking on unhealthy foods purely out of boredom.

Xox Melissa

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