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Build a Strong Mindset

If you’ve ever looked at someone and thought ‘they are so happy’ or 'I don't get how they are always so positive' then I want you to keep reading! We all can be THAT person, if we chose and work on, a positive mindset. Becoming mentally stronger is something we all should work on every day. Like we build our muscles up or maintain our body, we want to maintain a healthy mind. Because lets face it, we all have bad things that happen, but its what we chose to dwell on that will effect our outlook.

These are a few tips I want to share to help you build a strong, positive mindset!

UP YOUR SELF TALKING GAME. Encourage yourself. We often speak to ourselves in a way that we would or should never speak to someone else. Start talking to yourself in an encouraging and positive way. Instead of saying “I can’t do this”, try saying to yourself “I am going to do as many as I can, and I can modify until I’m strong enough to do more.” That simple change can make a big difference to your attitude. The more you practice being kind to yourself, the easier it becomes.

DON'T LET BAD SITUATIONS DETERMINE YOUR MIND. Bad days happen to everyone. While sometimes it might be a bad week, or bad year, rather than just one bad day, it’s important not to let it get to you. It’s absolutely okay to feel angry & upset if something goes wrong, but just remember that it doesn’t determine the rest of your day, month or life. To build a strong mindset, you have to come to terms with the fact that obstacles will come up, but know that you have the strength to get through them. A bad day shouldn’t stop you from living your life. Next time you have a bad day, do something to boost your confidence, practice smiling and focusing on the positives that still exist!

TAKE ACTION. To develop a strong mindset, you have to learn to take action when you may not want to. It will be incredibly rewarding. I feel incredibly uncomfortable sharing myself and videos with people, but I also realize it is important to do if I want to share my message and empower women worldwide. Instead of worrying so much about what some may think, I started to think of it as an opportunity to connect with, encourage and influence women in a positive way. I realised I had to step outside of my comfort zone. So if there is something you are passionate about, or something that you have been wanting to try, step out of your comfort zone! It will no doubt boost your mind.

Something that you should do daily is self reflection. Reflect on all of your progress daily and be PROUD. When you have a big goal in front of you, like completing my programs, it may feel overwhelming. So try taking some time daily for positive reflections, what you want to improve on and what you want to do tomorrow.

Strengthening your mindset takes time and daily practice. But it is always worth it! Every day is an opportunity to shape your life into what YOU want it to be and it really does all start in your mind.

Remember, positivity is a choice!

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